POSTED:  JUly 17, 2018, at approximately 1745 hrs.

In case you are not getting notifications from the FPA Web Site that the Newsletter has changed/updated, or,

you are not getting the mass E-mails I send out, the problem could be your E-mail server or your E-mail system.


ALL E-MAILS from the FPA come from the address of:

PLEASE ADD THAT ADDRESS to your contacts, as your incoming E-mails from the FPA may

be going to your Spam/Junk File (thus later automatically deleted), or being stripped

by your E-mail server.

If you are experiencing issues, please get with your E-mail provider or your Server administrator as

our E-mails and notifications are probably stopped by your security settings and/or E-mail served.


From:  John Thorpe, your FPA editor/Treasurer