For some of you, this message is not necessary, so please disregard. For some of you new members and others who have not completed your online member profile, this message is intended for you!!

As most of you know, the FPA does not professionally print or mail out any newsletters or announcements. Due to constantly rising costs, we did away with the printed media long ago.

However, your FPA web site always has the latest information, training opportunities and announcements placed in your online Newsletter. The FPA Web Site is open to all and does not require a user name, nor password. It is easy to navigate and all news items can be downloaded and saved for later reading or storage.

If your "Member Profile" is not completed on the site, then you will not be notified when things change on the web site or it is time to delete them. You will not be kept up to date on any announcements or news worthy items or training doccuments unless your FPA Editor has your current, valid E-mail address entered in your member profile. Your Treasurer/Editor stays in touch with the FPA Members via a "mass E-mail out system", and periodic announcements directly from your FPA Web Site.

YES, this web site was designed for YOU, the member, for ease of operation and for the purpose of keeping you informed. So please take advantage of this by adding on your "member profile" on the site.

It is easy to complete, and only takes a few minutes.

If your FPA Treasurer/Editor does not have your member profile on the site, along with your E-mail address, then you will get no new announcements at all from the FPA other than items on the site.

Thank you!  Your FPA Treasurer/Editor, John Thorpe,