POSTED:  December 03, 2012, at about 1315 hours;

All FPA Certification Programs are based on experience, education and training hours acquired in the FPA School For Continuing Studies (seminar training days), which is also completed in the twice-a-year FPA Seminar classroom training. The certifications, both Certified Polygraphist (CP) and Certified PCSOT Examiner are not for life, but renewed every so-many years based on the requirements set up in the FPA Constitution and By-Laws. The certification requirements are listed on the FPA Web Site in their respective files and can be downloaded.

We do not list renewal dates in the members' profile page for the individual certified examiner as it would require constant updating. The individual FPA member can update each new certification renewal by going online to the FPA Web Site and updating their member profile. Each member should update their membership profile at least once a year.

However, the Director of the Randal Jones School For Continuing Studies, Dr. Richard Poe, maintains all FPA training and certification records and can be contacted to verify any training or certification records and renewal and the FPA members' current status.

The FPA also loads, in the online newsletter, the most recent, up-to-date list of all FPA members' certification status.

Please refer to the lists in the online newsletter or send Dr. Poe an E-mail request.