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Member Namesort icon Employer / Company
McDaniel, Karen
McDuffie, Hal McDuffie, Jones & Associates, Inc.
McEver, Joseph Edgewater Police Department (Retired)
Metzgar, Herbert Herbert D. Metzgar Professional Polygraph Service
Michaels, Marietta Deception Control, Inc.
Milanes, Erin C.I.S. Corporation
Milanes, William M & M Security Consultants and Services
Miller, Christopher Tampa Police Department
Miller, Tony Tavares Police Department
Montgomery, Mary Proof Positive Polygraph LLC
Moreira, Ernesto Executive Outcomes USA, LLC
Morgan, Chip Morgan Forensic Services
Morrison, John JM Polygraph Services LLC
Moschette, Francis Delray Beach Police Department
Mosquera, Daniel Coral Gables Police Department
Moss, Wade Asset Guardian, Inc.
Mote, Thomas Tom Mote Polygraph
Mullins, Thomas Gainesville Police Department
Murphy, Kevin Hollywood Police Department
Myers, Sandra Alachua County Sheriff's Office
Namia, Joe
Napolitano, Natalie Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office
Neale, Robert Highlands County Sheriff's Office
Nelson, Kenneth U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Norris, Roger Florida Highway Patrol