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Member Namesort icon Employer / Company
DiStefano, Vincent St. Petersburg Police Department
Doak, Brian Self Employed
Doras, Bruce Florida Highway Patrol
Dutton, Donnie
Edwards, Shawn Stoelting Company
Eisman, Elyktra Cash Inn of 79th St., Inc.
Elliott, Alexandra Alachua County Sheriff's Office
Euiler, Mark Insight Polygraph & Investigations
Fausett, Christopher Lafayette Instrument Company, Inc.
Feola, Sharon Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Fernandez, Jorge Jorge Fernandez Polygraph Services
Ferrero, Richard Lee County Sheriff's Office
Firth, Christopher Florida Truth & Deception Services, LLC
Fischer, Russell
Fitzgerald, Lee Gainesville Police Department / Internal Affairs Unit
Fleury, Mathew Orlando Police Department
Flora, Tim Mid-West Protective Service, Inc.
Fluno, John Fluno Polygraph Services
Forrest, Charles
Franklin, Patrick Franklin Investigations, Inc.
Franzman, Mark St. Petersburg Police Department
Freshman, Margarita Jurney & Associates, Inc.
Frost, Jeff Florida Highway Patrol
Gallagher, Jim VVL Consulting LLC
Garcia, Tammy Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office